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Hemingway House

‘Seeking Sanctuary’ House & Leisure June 2001
‘Private Pavilion – For it’s sheer sensuality, Hemingway House is one of the most remarkable venues in town’ House & Garden, January 2002
‘Hot Hotels:  32 Cool New Places to Stay’ Conde Nast Traveller, March 2002
‘It’s far too special not to tell the world about’ House & Garden UK, October 2002
‘Cape Town’s Coolest New Boutique Hotel’ [Evening Standard UK, November 2002]

A converted old Masonic lodge oozing sentimental charm, Hemingway House has won media acclaim and a loyal following of satisfied guests.  During the renovations, Josephine “undressed [the lodge]…to expose its soul” [House & Leisure, June 2001] - to great effect.  A mostly neutral canvas is complemented by shades of duck-egg blue and anchored with antique pieces collected during Josie’s travels.  Squashy linen slipcovered sofas abound, lending a sense of romance and homely comfort.  Interchangeable indoor living spaces open onto an outdoor living area complete with sunken pool, ottomans, sofas, and a fireplace.  A state of the art, open plan farm-style kitchen allows guests to socialize with the hosts.

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