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Josie Hemingway



Raised in the Far East and educated in the United Kingdom, Josie Hemingway currently resides between Africa and Europe.
Josie inherited a Scottish entrepreneurial spirit and desire for adventure.  Born on the cusp of two dynamic forces, her Piscean nature compelled her to be creative – her Aries aspect to be driven.  From an early age, she developed a love of travel and exotic destinations.  Her instincts have always been to create an intimate sense of home and beauty wherever she finds herself – under tarpaulin or chandelier.
The themes of travel, home, creativity and financial enterprise have always informed her life. Property development is an arena in which all the pieces of this tapestry come together.


Starting her career as a DJ in Studio 54 and then Annabels in London Josie arrived in South Africa in 1982 to open a nightclub.  By 2000 she was a confirmed business entrepreneur, arrived in Cape Town and embarked on several successful property ventures in the Mother City.
The first - Hemingway House - a designer boutique hotel.

The second - the interior renovation and transformation of a beach cottage into a fully serviced Luxury Villa on Glen Beach.

Building on existing realtionships with the media the properties were marketed both featuring in Conde Nast Traveller and well known South African publications.

Encouraged by the success of these projects, Josie has since enlarged on her experience by renovating, decorating and selling several properties, always commanding record prices relative to market value in the area.

Private Syndication / Fractional Ownership

Josie's long term dream is to create a “lifestyle portfolio” of privately syndicated holiday properties in Africa and abroad.  This portfolio encourages one person/party to own shares in a diverse selection of homes in stunning locations around the globe.  Thus sharing the burdens of ownership and expanding on opportunities.
Initially she traveled extensively, researching business models and property markets with regard to shared ownership.

Her first endeavour took place on the West Coast of South Africa with the build, decor and furnshing of two cottages on a lagoon in a National Park with maintenace and management in place. The success of this venture (see existing syndicates Morning Mist & Morning Tide) has established her name in the field of "Fractional Ownership" / "Private Syndication" 

Josie's role in this is to locate, and project manage the building/design or renovation of a property to a fully furnished and serviced “home away from home” for owners. A carefully selected team oversees the process from start to finish.  Through a “word of mouth” approach, the company markets and sells each project to a carefully selected private syndicate of like minded individuals.

Josie Hemingway Interiors

In response to growing demand she provides an Interior Design service.  Josie's personal style can be described as an eclectic mix of easy colonial comfort with unexpected exotic accents.  The company works to create the underlying canvas on which a client can embellish their personal style.

An offshoot of this is The Shop (soon to be released) and a RENTAL portfolio. 

A Private Word.....

on Fractional Ownership

The World is my Oyster - sharing it is my way of caring for it.  With everything we are beginning to discover about the predicament we find ourselves in globally, sharing a second home is an opportunity to avoid the waste of resources and empty concrete we find scattered around some of the finest areas of our planet.  By sharing, we lower our impact on the landscape and make sure that the footprints we do leave behind are well trodden.... and in single file. Time is our luxury, and sharing opens us up to more opportunity.

On Interiors

Beauty takes the same amount of time to create as its may cost the same, or a little more......its rewards are boundless.


Josie Hemingway xx